How long will my Pretty Republic eyelashes and liner last?

If you care for the eyelashes properly, they can last 30+ times. Make sure you clean the magnets on the lashes after every use and store in the lash tray. Don’t forget to close and tighten your eyeliner.

Please avoid water contact with the lashes as they will lose their shape & curl.

What comes in my kit?

One box of magnetic lashes, one tube of magnetic eyeliner, one set of application tweezers and application guide.

 How do I make my lashes stick better to the magnetic eyeliner?

Make sure you have applied a thick and even coat of eyeliner and that it's completely dried before magnetizing lashes( up to 5 minutes)  Or liner may stick to the magnet more than your eyelid.

How do I clean the magnetic liner off the magnets?

If you have remnants of eyeliner stuck on the tiny magnets, take makeup remover or rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and gently wipe. This will also help to strengthen the magnetic pull on the eyelashes. Please DO NOT pull on the magnets, as you could remove them accidentally from the strip.

How do I clean my eyes after taking my magnetic strips off?

 Removal is way easier with our magnetic liner than the conventional eyelash glue. Gently remove PR Magnetic eyelash from the eyelid.(Clean the magnets and replace back in box) To clean the liner off your eyelid use a gentle soap and hot water to remove any leftover residue on lids.

 What are the Ingredients in the magnetic liner. Is it safe and cruelty free?

PR liner ingredients are all commonly found in common makeup and skincare products & are cruelty free. The added ingredient that makes the eyeliner work is iron oxide.

 We suggest a small patch of skin (other than the intended location), to test for reactions first. We also urge everyone to review our product ingredients first to avoid sensitivities.




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